Oracle Database 19c – Installation on Oracle Linux

As anyone who has ever had the pleasure of installing Oracle Database has come to know, this process can be quite cumbersome and less than straightforward for someone new to working with Oracle technologies. I could even see how the wise ole’ gray beards may struggle with this if it’s been some time between installations. Following the official installation guides is a good start, naturally, but these don’t cover all of the common gotchas that will have you searching from document to document on MOS looking for a solution or workaround.

I’m at home in bed today, feeling a bit under the weather. I thought that my lack of movement from my current position would afford me ample opportunity to type out the various steps involved in installing 19c on Oracle Linux. I began typing and typing, when the battery on my laptop died without warning which prompted me to lose the work in the draft that I had not yet saved. I’ve ameliorated that issue by switching back to Linux as my primary OS, which seems to consume far less battery than Microsoft Windows does, also I’m certainly not missing MS updates a bit. I update Linux on my schedule as I see fit.

I had (have?) a YouTube channel where I previously made videos about SAP development. This channel was quite successful when it comes to that sort of subject. Heck, it even nets me nearly 20$ a month in ad revenue. Nothing to write home about, but enough to buy a case of beer here and there, so you can’t really beat that. I thought that I should create another channel, focused on Oracle database, but not limited to other Information Technology related videos.

I just finished my new channel, and posted a video on the subject of installing 19c on Oracle Linux 8.8. I go from a newly-provisioned VM to a machine where the database software is installed and an instance is up and running. I encourage you to check out both the channel, as well as the video. The video goes into a lot more detail than I can put into words here.

YouTube Channel: Dustin Redmond IT
Video: Install Oracle Database 19c on Oracle Linux 8 with ZIP Installation Media

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